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Our Fundamental Principles

SIGBI is a company limited by guarantee and registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales. Our charitable objects are to promote either directly or by the encouragement and support of others, including clubs:

  1. the advancement of education;
  2. the advancement of health and saving lives;
  3. the relief and/or prevention of poverty;
  4. the advancement of good citizenship and community development;
  5. the advancement of equality and diversity;
  6. the advancement of human rights throughout the world;
    for the benefit of the public and in particular for the benefit of women and girls to advance their status, position and role in society where currently unequal or disadvantaged.




Most British doctors and nurses working today will never have treated a case of polio. In fact, only a few people under 50 in the UK will know anything about the devastating effects of this disease and therefore do not understand the need to eradicate it completely.

Once we reach zero cases it is gone from the world it will never come back. Please watch this video made in 2016 but still relevant today.


Unless we eradicate polio, within 10 years, as many as 200,000 new cases could occur around the world each year. In the past few years, only two countries have reported cases of polio caused by the wild virus, but no child anywhere is safe until we’ve vaccinated every child.

Our virtual Dog Show is our fun way to help with this campaign so you can do your bit by participating with your dog or simply donating to End Polio Now